Friday, January 6, 2012

Reader's Choice - Top Home Offices of 2011

With more people working from home in 2011, finding room for a home office became a necessity.  Smart solutions for multi-purpose spaces, small spaces, and ways to integrate storage were at the top of priority lists. While there are some dream offices in this mix, all of them have lots of great storage ideas which is necessity when having a home office.   

This office is a favorite with it's built in's and drop glass pendant lighting.  The point that I'm not excited about are all of the cords under the desk, we'll just imagine their not there.

When limited for space a wide hallway is a great place to consider building in a home office.  Above, the addition of the under mounted lighting makes this an inviting and easy of the eyes work space. 

In my office it's important to always have pictures of my loves ones.  Here (above) is a great example of a gallery wall of what this home owner finds important.  As a designer I also like to have an inspiration wall nearby an this is a perfect example. 

 Amazing with what you can do with a small amount of space.  Here, on what looks to be a utility area, this home owner has managed to squeeze in a very functional, and colorful, work space.

We can all dream right!?! - why not this office?

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