Thursday, April 7, 2011

Family Room Finishing Touches

This weekend we are hoping to put the finishing touches on the family room.  We sill have not found a coffee table/cocktail table that we are 100% sold on so a little more shopping is required.  It's amazingly hard to find a table that is small in scale and doesn't look like every other thing you see out there.  We are still waiting on the "papa" chair to arrive that will make my man a happy camper.  Then there are the walls and the "dressing" of the entertainment center which will seal the deal.   

Here is a table that I am considering.  With our large sectional we need something small in scale. 

I wish we had the capability to have two side tables like pictured above but I
think we will have to settle for one side table and a coffee table. 

Then we have the wall decor . . . should I or should I not use some of my photography.  I was thinking about putting some of our honeymoon pictures from Hawaii on canvas (sample above), any thoughts?

Yesterday I learned about a "new" website called Houzz ( . .one could spend HOURS looking through all of the pictures of interiors and exteriors.  With us getting ready to tackle our kitchen next it was helpful to look through cupboard designs, lighting and flooring.  I've added the link to my reading list so when you a chance to bounce around the internet, grab a cup of coffee (or in my case a diet coke) and enjoy.

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