Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesdays With Jack

Last night I spent the evening with Jack, Alexis and Sean, my Wednesday's have become important to me because that is the time I get to see my grandson (and daughter and son-n-law). 

The first thing that was noticeable upon was arrival is that Jack has one huge black and blue mark on his forehead and a new red bump right next to it.  Learning to walk, and trying to run, have come with a price for this little guy.  He keeps falling and tumbling forward as he progresses in his walking/running lessons.  I'm sure there will be many more bumps and bruises throughout his growing up years, it's just hard to see battle bruises. 

Jack enjoyed his dinner and takes pride in being able to use a fork, with a little help from grandma.  He's still managing to slip Abby (our dog) a few "samples" when we aren't looking.  Jack has even figured out now how to tease Abby by pretending to give her some food and then pulling it away. 

After dinner it was time for play time and books.   Jack giggles contagiously when he is chased and enjoys a good game of peek-a-boo.  His cars are a very important part of his play time, just like his daddy.  It's always been amazing to me how little boys always know how to make the sound of cars from the get-go, where does that come from???? 

When it was time for grandma to leave I was able to get one of Jack's special kisses, a warm hug and wave goodbye. 

Until next week lil' man, Grandma loves you!  

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