Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day - Full of Love

Sam, Me/Mom, Alexis
Today is Mother's Day and we will celebrate in the park with a large group of extended family.  I'm sure there will be lots of pictures which I will post later in the week, but for now I wanted to concentrate on my own two miracles, my son and daughter. 

Each year this special day, Mother's Day, makes me very reflective as I'm sure it does all mother's.  I wanted to take a "minute" and introduce you to the son and daughter who captured my heart on the days they were born.

Alexis Shantel

Alexis is my my first born which came very early in my life at the age of 21.  She is my one and only very special daughter, we are alike in so many ways.  Alexis was born with dark hair and a blonde strip around the back of her head and the nurses very appropriately called her the "Punk Baby".  By the time Alexis was a toddler she lost all of her dark hair and it became apparent that she was going to become a petite, strawberry blonde, covered in freckles which she has continued to be to this day.  Her nickname as a child became "Freckles". 

Alexis has always been strong in the arts demonstrating great abilities with ceramics, playing the flute, photography and quilting.  For several years Alexis and I worked side-by-side photographing weddings which was such a joy because as a mother-daughter team we seemed to instinctively know what the other was thinking. 

As a new mother Alexis is now enjoying the love of her first child, a son.  I've had the gift of living near to Alexis and her wonderful husband Sean so I can thoroughly enjoy all of the new benefits of becoming a grandma and watching my daughter and son-n-law become the loving parents they are today. 

Samuel Taylor

Samuel, my only son, came along nearly three years after his sister.  This little bruiser came into the world at nearly ten pounds and was the calmest baby ever.  As a todder Samuel quickly became mobil and was into everything and proved to me that boys are certainly a lot different than girls.  I will never forget the day I could not find Samuel only to discover he had found his way into the dishwasher.  It was not unusual to find this little guy with bruises, bumps or scars but he would also be the first to cuddle up with you and listen to any book your were willing to read to him.  He has always been our cuddle bug. 

As Samuel matured school and the performing arts (trumpet performance) became very important to him.  He has always been a wonderful student but just as important to his mom is that he has a huge heart.

Samuel works as a Financial Analyst and is presently completing his Master's (MBA).  This past January he married a beautiful young lady, Liana.  Like his sister, Sam and Liana live within a half hour, and this mom enjoys spending any time she can get with the newlyweds.

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