Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oprah and Ralph Lauren

Did anyone else see the interview yesterday with Oprah and Ralph Lauren, it was magical.  Oprah went to out to the Lauren ranch (AKA - Double RL) in Colorado to interview Mr. Lauren and his family.   Do you think I could add this to my bucket list, I would LOVE to spend some time at this beautiful hide-away. 

As someone who admires creativity and design it was very interesting to listen to Mr. Lauren and how he got his start in the fashion and later the home design industries.  I was touched by his simple way of life and integrity and dedication to hard work and team effort. 

Ralph's wife, of 46 years of marriage, is absolutely beautiful and like other members of the family very humble.  His daughter, a entrepreneur herself, will be married this June and her talented father has designed a beautiful gown for his only daughter.  Can't wait to see that gown!  Ralph's two other sons have also remained in a creative industry with one son in the family business and the other producing films. 

If you get a chance, grab a drink and sit down and enjoy this show, it was like taking a mini-vacation and visiting with a close friend and their family. 

These unique guest cottages are tucked away on Double RL Ranch. 

Interior of one of the guest accommodations.

Where Oprah and the Lauren family sat and chatted.

The Lauren Media Room - Very Cozy

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  1. Oh I did see this and it was SO refreshing to see someone who has become successful yet still maintained their values.
    I will continue to happily buy RL everything.