Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where's the Ice?

After dinner with a friend I headed over for a visit with Jack.  Because I had a arrived a little later than my normal time, Jack had already eaten and was ready for some serious play time.  This lil' guy just loves to be chased, be surprised by playing peek-a-boo, boucing a ball or playing with his cars.  His favorite books seem to be "Elmo - So Big" or his baby animals book. 

Abby, the Plunkett Puppy, continues to be Jack's constant companion.  They "share" food and Abby is always cleaning Jack's face of left overs.  It's just precious to see Jack take Abby's face in his hands and give her a big hug, Jack always walks away with a big smile on his face.  The power of animals, isn't it fantastic. 

Once Alexis and Jack headed upstairs for a bath it was time for this grandma to go home . . . one problem I could barely get off the floor.  It seems I needed ice when I got home to put on my knees, I'm just not as limber as a one-year old.  Go figure!

Until next week Jack, grandma LOVES you! 

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