Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wall Art Ideas

Finding the right "art" for the walls does not always have to be a tuff job.  You may want to think about framing a few things you already have around the house.  Here are a few examples . . .
Frame the unexpected, here are some antique binoculars that look spectacular "framed". 

I could imagine this fun and bright idea used in a child's room.

Framed bandanna's  . . .  fun!

Grouping of four large pieces of fruit puts the finishing touch on this understated dining room.

A collection of family pictures is always a good idea for the hallway, even better if they all have the same color of frame and are black and white or sepia toned. 

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  1. I love these collections of prints and photos, clustered together. I think they become much more than just an individual image when they are grouped together, and brings everything to life.