Monday, September 19, 2011

The Big Move

This past weekend we saw a lot of THIS (picture above)!  I moved back to San Diego County to make that my full time home, although our in-home/office design services will be concentrated in both Orange County and San Diego County.  The move was a huge success but only because of the help of our children, their spouses, and their friends.  Thanks to everyone who helped, it was so appreciated! 

This week I will be preparing for my trip back East to Maryland to Decorating Den Interiors corporate office, I will be there for two weeks.  Followed by my trip to Maryland I will meet my husband in Florida where we will jump aboard a cruise ship to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  Any one have any experience packing a suitcase for two weeks of cold weather and one week of hot weather, AND staying under the weight requirements?   

I must admit I'm enjoying sitting down for a few minutes with the lap top to take a breather.  Do you think anyone will notice if I take a few minutes for myself and leave the unpacking for another day? :)

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