Friday, September 16, 2011

Classic Slipper Chairs

 When I need to squeeze in extra seating in a room that is short on space, I turn to the classic slipper chair:  an armless, upholstered chair with short legs so it sits lower to the ground.  It is a space-saving chair because its total dimensions are smaller than an upholstered arm chair.

The slipper chair makes a great accent chair.  It can look sharp and tailored, detailed and traditional, or eclectic and fun.  And they often are more affordable than armchairs.  

If you rotate your furniture to accommodate varying crowds at your home, think about using slipper chairs.  They are light enough to be moved easily to change up a seating area.  

Slipper chairs are still typically used in a corner of a bedroom to assist in getting dressed.  They have lower backs and can git with any room style.  

When you need seating in front of a window use a slipper chair.  Their low profile will not disturb the view.   

Let's get together and design a slipper chair(s) for your home.  We have thousands of prints to select from and a team of professional upholsterers to pull it all together. 

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