Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Closet Storage Solutions - Fall In and Summer Out

As much as we may not want it to, fall is approaching, and we have to admit that summer is coming to an end.  Out come the fall sweater and winter coats that have been stored away.  To make room for these bulky items, say goodbye to summer clothes for awhile.  Here are some tips (and pics) about how to approach this seasonal task and a few storage ideas to help you get started.  

Get rid of unused garments.  First things first:  evaluate your spring and summer wardrobe currently hanging in your closet.  Those pieces you haven't worn all season probably won't get worn next year either.  They aren't worth the space of storing them.  Now is the time to filter and simplify.  Set aside the items you plan to donate. 

Wash and mend before storing.  The items you will be keeping need to be washed and mended before you put them away. 

Clean your closet.  Before bringing the fall and winter clothes into your newly-vacated closet, clean and vacuum that area as well to remove dust, dirt and insects. 

Once you have sorted, cleaned and stored away your summer clothes, you are off to a promising fall with an organized fall with an organized, neat and streamlined closet.  

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