Sunday, October 2, 2011

Around Town

Today was a day off from Decorating Den Boot Camp so I decided to head out and explore.   I had heard about a small town called St. Michael's so with my "trusty" GPS I hit the road.  Here are a few pictures from my adventure . . . .

Here is the down town area of St.  Michael's.  It's filled with lots of boutique type shops.  You can see that the weather was cold and rainy today.   

There were also several antique stores, always a favorite of mine. 

I also noticed several charming inn's like the one pictured above.  Just across the street from this inn is the bay so I'm sure this city is hoping during the summer months.  

I went shopping in several stores and found a few treasures like the one above.  The shop owner was telling me that these are made by a local artist.  This would be wonderful addition to any red, white and blue nautical themed room. 

 Isn't this a great little fountain, it would be wonderful sitting in front of a veterinarians office.

On the way back to my hotel I drove by this beautiful driveway, which leads up to a home that sits on the edge of the bay ..... beautiful! 

Sitting next to the entrance to the home mentioned above is this fun fall display.

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