Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Company is Coming

Tis' the season when family and friends from out of town come to stay over.  The best host is prepared and offers a warm welcome from the doorstep all the way through to the next morning.  Below are a couple of items that I believe say "welcome" from the minute your guest rings your doorbell, all of which are available through our design studio. 

Isn't this front door fabulous!  The beautiful iron work and grain of the wood say come on in and make yourself at home. 

Elegant bedding that doesn't scream male or female is the way to treat a guest room bedroom.  Make sure to provide your guest with several layers of bedding so that they can adjust to their desired body temperature. 

High thread count sheets, what a luxury!  You know when you've been fortunate enough to stay in a fine hotel once you've slept in a bed with luxurious sheets.  Splurge and get the best for your guests, and of course for you too. 

Hyper-allergenic pillows are a must when entertaining over night guests.  You never know when someone may have allergy issues. 

Candles give a sense of home and romance.  Once again try to avoid candles with a heavy scent, keeping it simple is best. 

A nice warm fuzzy throw blanket will add extra layers of warmth if needed. 

When traveling you often need to share bathroom space with someone else.  Some of the struggles of getting ready in the morning could be eliminated with the addition of a large mirror in the bedroom.
Good lighting is a staple in any room but very important in a guest room.  When traveling from other parts of the country/world your guest may be in a different time zone and will need to stay up a little later, or get up a little earlier, to adjust to the time change.  Having a bedside lamp will allow for reading without disturbing others in the house. 

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