Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Care for Your Countertops

Holiday cooking:  follow these 10 tips to keep your kitchen counters clean and looking their best.

It's almost here.  The cooking day of champions, they day we make all of the goodies to distribute to our neighbors, friends and co-workers.  Then will com the Christmas dinner.  No matter what vegetables sides or pies are tradition to share around in your family, here are the dos and do nots for caring for your counters while they're the hub of holiday cooking.

1.  Cooking oil bottles can actually leave ring marks on stone surfaces that can be difficult to remove.  Use coasters for a tray under bottles to prevent marks.

2.  Protect the counter from lemon, vinegar, tomato, and other acidic foods, which will etch marble.  

3.  Granite is by far the most popular counter top choice.  Keep your granite looking good by wiping down with a damp cloth and a PH-natural stone cleaner.

4.  Avoid soap, abrasive cleaners, and citrus cleaners when cleaning granite counter tops - these alkaline solutions can etch the stone.

5.  Steel wool is not your counter top's friend.  It will scratch most counter tops. 

6.  Butcher block counter tops are typically made of maple or oak and come in wide plank or narrow strips in terms of style.  The wide plank style if more apt to warp. 

7.  Be sure to use only food-grade mineral oil to prevent the wood from warping and drying out.  Avoid vegetable  or olive oils for your butcher block counter top - these oils can turn rancid.

8.  Reapply mineral oil whenever the wood looks dry.  You'll want to use a generous amount of mineral oil - continue reapplying until you see the wood is no longer accepting any more oil. 

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