Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dress Your Home In Velvety Black

For one reason or another, black is a color that seems rather daunting to work into an everyday atmosphere.  In spite of its popularity in the world of interior design, committing to black can be difficult. 

Perhaps we have a hard time kicking the ingrained myth that it will take four coats of paint to undo.  Maybe it's a color that reminds us of off-the-shelf media furniture available at big-box stores.  Either way, there is a reason behind the neglect, and I think it's time to buck up and give it a try. 

I've collected a set of photos with the focus on adding black to a home in small steps, and I'm hoping to convince both you that it's an easy color to use.

Pillow - A pillow enveloped in black is easy to change once the appeal has run its course, typically during a seasonal swap.  Although the black pillows are prominent in this photo, notice how the color is carried through the rest of the room, creating a nice balance.

Frame - Black is the most common color seen in any framing aisle but rarely do you see it used in a frame surrounding a mirror.  In this room it adds the punch of "color" to marry the both the wallpaper and mirror. 

Black Wall - The biggest commitment to the color of night, rich black walls, feels cozy and warm in an outdoor room flooded with natural light.  So go against the grain of typically used colors and step into a pool of ink. 

In my last home I painted the kitchen cabinets black.  I never received so much resistance from a painter as when I asked them to do this.  I was repeatedly asked, "are you sure?".  Once it was completed everyone agreed I made a wise decision, which made a rather drab kitchen look dramatic. 

Here the shots of black add drama to this room that is graced in natural light.

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