Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Waiting - Waiting - Waiting

As a designer we are taught to always try to put ourselves in our clients shoes, today I am THERE!  I've been at home waiting for hours for a professional to do some work around my house only to learn they are not coming because of the rain . . . WOW!  The good news is that we have rescheduled and I was able to get a log of computer work done today.  Now there you go, I found the rainbow through the rain :)

While staying at home today I was looking at my own walls and realizing it's time to change-it-up!  I need to freshen up some pictures that have been there well over a couple of years.  Here are a couple of ideas: 

The landing of a staircase is often a forgotten place to hang family treasures.  The trick to obtaining this look is to use all the same color frame, make the prints all in black and white and evenly space them to obtain this uniform look. 

If you've been reading this BLOG for any length of time you know I'm a sucker for anything that has been personalized so this look captured my attention . . . perfect for a lake or beach house.

A staircase is also another good location for family photos, just remember again to keep them an equal distance apart and angle with the staircase.

Usually I would suggest keeping all artwork at an average eye height but in this case they have taken from ceiling to floor for a gallery look . . . love it! 

Now these walls catch your eye, they go right to that "RAT" to the left of the fireplace and the large Indian and flag on the far right wall.  I'm all for making a statement and I would love to repeat this look.    

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