Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dress Up Your Breakfast Nook

A dash of formalwear can help your kitchen nook work from croissant to cocktails.  These tips will help get you started.

In today's smaller, more contemporary homes, we're often seeing more open layouts that don't include a specific room dedicated to a dining space.  This often leaves homes with only one eating area.  Since that space should be approximate for everything from a casual breakfast to a dinner party for six, you may want to mix in a few formal accents so you can easily transition from morning to night.

By no means are we aiming to create a traditional, stuffy look, the idea is to introduce a hint of the elegant while maintaining an aesthetic appropriate for the everyday.  Read on for tips to give your breakfast nook just the right amount of formal glamour.

Take note of your table's material.  Materials have a huge impact on a space; a plastic table top is going to feel very different from one finished in marble.  Choose something along the lines of the latter for a more elegant approach.

Hang drapery.  Drapery can change the entire feel of a space, especially if it's floor to ceiling.  Choose a more formal fabric like silk or damask to heighten the glamour.  Bonus:  During the day, you'll appreciate the ability to shield your eyes from the sun.

Swap your chairs for something more sophisticated. If your eating area is fairly relaxed, you can make a big punch by replacing your casual chairs with more elegant ones.  Seating that you'd put around a typical dining room table will create an interesting mix with its informal surroundings. 

Don't have the budget for a new set of chairs?  No worries.  Affordable slipcovers can give the ones you have an entirely new elegant appeal. 

Create a luxe banqueette.  Unexpected accents like these nailheads add a dose of glamour to your breakfast nook.  

If space permits, choose a table that seats at least six.  Most days, there may be only two people dining at your table.  But don't forget about the potential for entertaining.  If this is your only eating space, you'll want to accommodate your guests appropriately.  Besides, a larger table immediately projects a more sophisticated feel than a casual two-top. 

Consider the style of your light fixture.  Instead of a casual pendant light, go for something more glam, like a chandelier or this drum light fixture.  Lighting can make all the difference in the world in making a space feel more elegant.

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