Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mellow Yellow or Intense Mustard Yellow?

Yellow can be cheerful and uplifting or mellow and warm.

It plays well with all woods and most other colors and complements a wide range of decor styles. Whether you’re bold enough for egg yolk, clear, saturated Caribbean yellow or prefer the softer, mustardy side of the hue, yellow is worth considering.

Citrone yellows, which have subtle green undertones, pair well with many blues, a fun color scheme which feels both vibrant and serene at the same time.  I like such subdued, dusky tones as Sherwin Williams’ “Blonde” or “Compatible Cream,” that create a beautiful, rich canvas. This neighborhood of yellows ranges from creamiest whites to deepest stoneground mustard, but all wrap a room in great warmth. 

If yellow — or any color — is used at least three times in a space, it becomes the accent color. But the color can be challenging to use. 

Yellow intensifies when it is used as paint on four walls of the room and can give more ‘glow’ than the homeowner intends.  Woodwork, including baseboards, window casings and doors, should be white or off-white, not stained wood for best effect. Choose the fabrics with yellow first, and select paint for walls that is lighter, knowing that yellow will appear brighter on the wall.  It’s a color that wakes up a kitchen. 

Yellow and white is a fresh, happy combination. In a room with gray, navy, or black and white furniture, choose a cool, glossy or matte yellow finish on an accent piece and you’ve made a statement.

Remember that yellows look more intense on the wall than most other colors.  Consider the light in a yellow room, both natural and artificial:   

› Pale yellows in north-facing rooms can look peaked, yet soothe a sunny space.
› An intense, saturated yellow can overwhelm a windowless or south-facing room, but make a small powder room or entry look like a jewel box.

Have fun with your mellow yellow or your intense mustard yellow.  Please don't hesitate to call our studio if you need assistance picking the right color to fit your room. 

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