Friday, September 28, 2012

Hallways - Don't Be Bored

Hallways can certainly have character and make a creative statement.  Here (below) I like the drum lighting fixtures and the reflective surfaces of the chairs, console table and lamps.  These pops add drama to what could be a sleepy foyer/hallway.  

The arches (below) and the mill work are just beautiful, such craftsmanship.

Another beautiful archway (below) and mill work.

You may need to take your motion sickness medication before you head down this hallway (below).  For some reason when I look at the chocolate colored stripes all I can see are the red stripes in the children's story The Cat In the Hat.  I challenge anyone to say this is a boring hallway. 

Have guests over often?  In this home (below) they would never get lost.  The markers down the hallway give you a sense you are in Paris sitting in a little cafe'. 

I'm all for family galleries down a hallway but I believe everything looks much more calming if the pictures are all kept in one tone (black and white) and the frames are all the same color.  You could even take a bunch of old frames, paint them the same color and hang them in your hallway with no glass or pictures. 

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