Saturday, September 8, 2012

One of a Kind

Whatever your budget for a project, it's vital to give it a level of customization that reflects your style perfectly. You can do it by cleverly combining custom-made and off-the-shelf items.

(Above) - Re-purpose an old piece of furniture by giving it a new coat of high gloss bright paint.  Then reapholster the piece with a fun and punchy fabric choice.  

(Above) - An old family piece that has been handed down through the generations can become something for 2012 with a new coat of paint.

(Above) - Don't forget about the hardware when updating an old piece of furniture.  Also, if I were redoing this piece I would think about adding a piece of wallpaper to the back, or if in an appropriate place, I would add a mirrored piece to the back and possibly some glass shelves. 

(Above) - By now you probably all know that I'm a sucker for anything personalized!  What doesn't say "one of a kind" more than something that carries your initials or family name.  Here someone has been enjoying their Friday night glasseSSSSS of wine and saving the corks.  What a great way of making something special.

(Above) - Now I know most you having some oak frames hanging out from the 70's and 80's.  Why not take them, spray them all a uniformed color and hang them in a room of your home.  Even layering the frames, one inside of another, is a nice anc creative touch. 

(Above) - Silhouettes of the family . . . love it!

(Above) - Most families have a favorite verse, quote or saying.  Why not have it placed on a wall where everyone can see it everyday. 

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