Monday, February 18, 2013

Not Just a Picture

When meeting with a client and discussing what we can ad to a wall to make it memorable, so many people are caught up in the idea of having to hang a picture.  Let's get away from that idea and think three dimensional.  Below are a couple of ideas . . . 

(Above) - Why not bring in an artist to paint something on the wall and then add an actual element that makes it two/three dimensional. 

(Above) - I'm big on having things personalized so it only makes since I like this wall initial.   I know you can obtain paper mache initials at Paper Source or wooden initials at Pottery Barn, then just go to town; paint them, wrap them in beautiful fabric, cover them in photos, hang them with beautiful ribbon, you name it, make it your own.

(Above) - Why not hit up a salvage yard and purchase some old neon signs/letters/numbers.  You can paint them, re-install some lighting or just simply hang as they are.

(Above) - I am a lover of fabric, and I know I'm not alone.  For a creative wall collection you could purchase embroidery/quilting hoops and frame your favorite fabrics and make a featured montage.  You might also think of painting all of the hoops in a color to coordinate the collection. 

(Above) - Here in San Diego we have lots of these goodies . . . beautiful shells.  Why not gather some treasures from your favorite vacation spot, purchase a shadow box at your favorite framing or craft store, install a mat in a color to compliment your room, and glue away.

(Above) - I'm seeing a lot of this done lately, pictures hung from wooden antique pants hangers.  I love this idea because of my love for photography.  I could change the photos on the daily bases.  When I get around to changing up my studio, I think I will use this idea to feature jobs that I have completed. 

(Above) - There is so much about this photo that I love, it just says home!  My two favorites are the "RAT" on the wall and the leaning pictures and flag behind the sofa. 

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