Monday, July 8, 2013

Children's Rooms

First let me get the elephant out of the room . . . I am so sorry I've been absent from this BLOG.  I have been blessed to be crazy busy.  When a client mentioned to me today that she had been reading my BLOG I had a major guilt trip that I had not posted in awhile.  Lets just say that I'm a designer that BLOGS, NOT a blogger that designs.

Back to design . . .

Let's talk about children's rooms, did you know that we carry some wonderful lines of very well made furniture for these little people in our lives?  Just today I had the pleasure of helping a mother design a room for her beautiful young daughter.  We selected the colors lavender and green for the walls and will bring in fresh white furniture and very happy bedding.  Below are few pictures of the pieces we are considering.

Just remember if you are using under bed storage, make sure there is enough room to pull open the drawers (unlike this photo).

WOW!  Look at this under bed storage.  You could store the kids games, craft supplies, seasonal clothes, books, sporting equipment, etc.

A fun area to sit down and do homework.

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