Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Valley Center - Before/After Pictures

This afternoon we finished up a small make over in a Valley Center home.  Below are some before and after shots, enjoy!

(Above) - This is what Beth and Alan's home looked like the first time I arrived.  They had just purchased a beautiful "new" house in Valley Center and needed to give it their personal touch.  We quickly started putting a plan together to use some of their existing pieces but to also some new treasures.  Read on for the results.

(Above) - To start we added some beautiful panels to either side of the stunning picture window.  These are what they call non-functional panels, which means they do not move.  They are simply there to add a feeling of warmth, design and sound absorption.

By the way, meet the newest addition to our team, Dana, our new installer.  That now brings us up to a total of three installers to better service the entire San Diego County.  I'm blessed to have this great team!

(Above) - Here is a close up shot (don't mind the white thread that ran into the picture) of the pleated drapery style and the rustic hardware.  What worked out beautifully was that the kitchen cabinetry, which adjoined this room, was the same tone as this hardware . . . love it when things come together like this.

(Above) - We added a few pillows to the existing sofa and love seat.  The same fabric that was used on the drapery panels was also used in a couple of pillows.  The pillow to the far left in the photo has brushed fringe, while the pillow on the right has a self welt.

(Above) - Here is the treasure in the room, because we were trying to keep costs under control, I referred Beth and Alan to some local consignment shops.  I gave them some ideas as to what to look for and they came home with two chairs, BUT they didn't look like this.  We purchased this new rust colored small animal print and called in my great upholsterer  . . . ta da  . . . two new chairs!

(Above) - Here we have a semi-finished room.  Beth and Alan still have a few additions to make but over all the room now feels a little more like home and has a finished look.  My studio provided the drapery panels and hardware, pillows, and upholstery of chairs.  With my suggestions, the far wall was painted the warm rusty red color, the addition of a sofa table and a couple of lamps were added behind the sofa, a palm tree was added for height, an "extra" love seat was removed from the room, an entertainment unit was added on the far right wall.  This family is now well on their way to having a house full for the holidays.

Thanks again to Beth and Alan for inviting me into their home and making me feel so welcome.

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