Sunday, January 8, 2012

Live Boldly: How to Fill That Blank Wall

A big, blank wall can be beautiful, but it can also be an eyesore.  You can fill that wall with art prints, small framed photos or a painting, but I am drawn to the designs that choose the unexpected - designs that use repetition of everyday items to make a statement.  I am all for the designs that live boldly.  

Architectural pieces which have imperfections are a favorite of mine.  I'm presently looking for a couple myself to hang in my dining room. 

Pieces of clothing can bring lots of interest to any blank wall.  Here antique swim wear is used in a game room, but on the other hand, vintage baby clothing could be used in a nursery.  There may also be your favorite teams jersey that you could hang in your "man cave". 

Here a collection of straw hats hanging from a wooden oar would be a perfect addition to a lakeside or beach cottage. 

As I've mentioned before on this BLOG I monogram anything that's not walking so you know this idea if a favorite of mine.  I'm presently collecting "S's" to make a collection on a wall in my own home. 

Pieces of dried nature always add a wonderful three dimensional look to any home. 


Repetition is always your friend when trying to fill a large wall.  This simple grid of framed sea shells is a classic way to offer large scale interest for less money. 

Here is a single picture has been split into thirds offering more coverage to large blank wall.  The interest of this print being split among three different frames brings unison but interest. 

If you aren't an artist and you don't have a lot of money to buy art or sculpture, you can use structural items in new ways.  Here large wood pieces have been placed on top of pieces of colorful fabric and then framed, making a bold statement.

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