Monday, January 9, 2012

Readers' Choice: Top Laundry Rooms of 2011

It can be depressing having to do your laundry in a dismal and dreary room.  Our reader's seemed to understand that since all of the most popular posts from 2011 are light, bright and well-organized spaces.  Readers seemed to want to see spaces that they'd want to do their laundry in - rooms with beautiful cabinetry, unique storage solutions, beautiful wall colors, and easy-to-implement design ideas.  

There are almost to many creative design ideas in this laundry room to list!  Readers commented on the white cabinets, the ironing machine, the farm house sink, the open and closed storage.  The subway tile adds a nice finishing touch. 

Although its a small laundry room there' a lot to love in this small space.

Natural light can make a huge difference in a laundry room - especially when you're in the middle of a massive load of laundry. 

Stacked washer and dryers are a smart way to save space in a tiny laundry room - especially if your laundry room has to share space with another room in the house. 

While this laundry room isn't particularly big, the long counter top offers a ton of valuable workspace for folding and sorting.  Readers loved the light and peaceful colors in this room, and the well placed window above the washer and dryer .

Readers commented on this room for it's efficiency with the washer and dryer being placed in a higher position to lessen the bending down of the person doing the laundry.  One of my favorite designs in this room is the port hole window door . . . LOVE IT!  

This laundry room is a favorite of mine on so many levels.  It has that french country flair that makes my heart go pitter-patter :)

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