Monday, June 13, 2011

Window Treament Ideas

Pleated Panels with Flat Roman Shades
Here (above) we have a combination of treatments, Pleated Panels with Flat Roman Shades, a wonderful layering effect which allows you to use two different patterns.  Either the panels or the shades can be non-operational allowing for less fabric to be used (IE, saving on the budget).   
Grand Band
 As designers we are often asked how to treat a bay/curved window, above is a great example which is beautifully displayed with Grand Band panels.  When treating a bay/curved window there are simply angled connection pieces for the hardware or any expert installer can bend the hardware to accommodate a soft curve.

Flat Roman Shade
 Here is an example of a Flat Roman Shade (although the plaid makes it a little difficult to see).  I'm also enjoying the window seat cushion with the contrasting welt.

Tailored Balloon Shade
 Always a favorite (above) of mine when you want to highlight a particular pattern in the fabric. This is also a great treatment to use in a little girls nursery/room.

Flat Roman Shades
Here are some more Flat Roman Shades with a contrasting border . . . LOVE them

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