Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Function AND Beauty

I have a "laundry list" (no pun intended) of what I would include in my laundry room, how about you?  Here are a few good examples.

The only thing missing here is an ironing board. I think I would also convert that drying rack to be wall mounted. 

That pop of color behind the washer and dryer is fun.  I'm enjoying the come back of wallpaper. 

I'm in love with that door, see how it mimics the washer and dryer.  Then there is the storage, what person would not love that. 

Function AND Beauty

This is MY favorite!

Sinks . . . a must for most families.

The lighting and happy colors of this laundry room might even make folding the laundry fun.


  1. Susan wonderful images! I think I love the last the best with that great color and striped rug!!


    Art by Karena

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  2. I dream of a laundry room....

    somewhere I can stand in front of the machine and load things in without stretching to the side and banging my head on a shelf.

    a surface to fold clothes on, not the bed.

    a shelf dedicated to washing powder, softner and my iron, not a plastic bucket under the sink.

    The lovely images you have selected make my yerning even stronger!