Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ocean Breezes - Alllllllllllllllmost!

I'm not big on themed rooms or houses but possibly a few hints of the ocean might be appropriate for your  vacation bongalow, a childs room and or a vacation beach house.  Here are a few suggestions to give you that feeling of ocean. 

The wood detail with the rope trim add the suggestion of a nice beach front home. 

This is the perfect light touch, it looks like ocean bubbles. 

What chld would not want to cuddle up here.

Sarah Richardson's lake house. 

Another picture from Sarah's lake house.  The mix of fabrics is perfect here. 

This functional and beautiful room also belongs to Sarah, it's the master bedroom in their lake front home. 

Once again the mix of fabrics here makes me smile.

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  1. Sarah's cottage is my favorite... I dream with that place!


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