Monday, August 15, 2011

Comfortable Guest Rooms

Whether it's summer vacation or the winter holidays, nearly everyone will have a house guest at one time or another.  Like many of my clients, we want to make sure that our guests are comfortable for their stay.  Here are a few things that I think every guest room should include in their decor.  

1.  Fresh Flowers

I try to make these unscented as many people have allergies and I would never want to make it uncomfortable for them.

2.  Extra pillows.   

Again, try to offer both foam and feather as some may be allergic.  Many are now non-allergenic.

3.  Extra Blankets Including a Throw

One or two light weight blankets might be appreciated.

4.  Two Reading Lamps

This is key, make sure to include two large bedside lamps.  If you do not have enough room to accommodate table lamps, mount a wall sconce behind the bed. 

5.  Books

A well stocked book shelf or magazine basket with local tourism guide books. 

6.  Bedding

Beyond clean bedding, think about adding wonderful bed linens with a high thread count.  Freshly ironed pillowcases are always a nice touch. 

7.  A Place to Set Down a Suitcase

Clear a space to put in a luggage rack or a small table or bench to set down a suitcase.  

8.  A Comfy Place to Sit

Some people  absolutely do not sit on a bed!  And your guests may not either.  Place an upholstered arm chair with a lamp close by. 

9.  Night Light

Non-Decorative items I would suggest include:

1.  Alarm Clock

2.  Bottled Water and Glass

3.  Small TV

Even the least TV watching guest will appreciate having an option if they can't sleep in their familiar surroundings.  And don't forget the remote.

4.  Wireless Access

If this is something you've already got, leave the key/access code with your guests.  You don't want your guests curled up in bed with their laptop, only to learn they'll need to wake you up if they want to check their email. 

5.  Extra Toiletries

In the event something was forgotten by your guest, have a small basket of items such as: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. nearby.

6.  Hanging Clothes Storage and Drawer Space

Just a small space to hang several items or a drawer or two to put a few private things in. 

This guest room looks welcoming, and with the padded head board, it invites you to curl up and read a book. 

Open those doors and let in the ocean breeze.  Notice all of those great books under the bed, grab one and head down to the beach.

Try not to be to gender specific when decorating your guest room.

A framed map is decorative and useful in a guest room.

Wouldn't this make a great guest room down near the beach? 

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