Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cover It Up

Wallpaper is making a HUGE come back, it's being used at every design show and in every design house.  I'm loving the more modern large prints, and there seems to be no lack of bold colors.  The other thing that is HUGE is that the wallpaper companies have now found a way to make wallpaper removal easier. . . can you see all of the handymen and husbands jumping up and down now.  I'm waiting for several new wallpaper books to arrive in the studio so that I can pick out several prints to share with everyone. 

Make sure to always look at your wallpaper and paint samples hanging on your wall and at different times of the day.  It's amazing what the lighting change between a showroom and your home will do to your samples.   

Look at the wallpaper with the curtains . . . what do you think?

This is my faaaaaaaaave . . . love the bold print on just the featured wall. 

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