Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update Without Remodeling

How do you update your small home to accommodate your 21st century lifestyle without remodeling?  Here's how to get an update without the cost of adding on! 

1.  Taller Doors

Taller doors give the illusion of more space in your home.  Have you ever walked into a small family room that had vaulted ceilings?  Often, when there is added height, the space creates it's own optical illusion and you don't feel cramped.  Same goes for the doors.  Taller doors give you the illusion that there is more space, and they also allow more light to flood into the space. 

Designer tip:  Can't afford to replace and remodel your doors from 6'8 to 8'?  Add pediments, antique windows or mirrors above your doors.  It will give you the added affect, and won't break the bank. 

2.  Raise the Drapes

Just like raising the doors, raise your drapes all the way up to the bottom of the crown or close to the ceiling to add height.  Drapes add softness to a space, and draw your eye upward.  For additional illusion select colors for your walls, trim and drapes in a similar tones.

Designer tip:  Add features to the top of your drapes like grommets, ribbon, or buttons.  The added texture creates shadowing and more weight to the top of the drape.

3.  Extended Cabinets

Instead of choosing the ever-popular standard 42" upper cabinet, opt for the 12" upper with glass.  As with the drapes and doors, it pulls the eye up and the glass adds sparkle.  The 12" uppers can have lights placed inside of them, grabbing the eyes attention.  It is a great way to display some of your special china, and also makes your space look custom.

Designer tip:  Already have a good kitchen in place and not about to remodel your kitchen?  Try replacing a couple of cabinet doors with glass fronts and place a mirror in the back of the cabinet, Use glass shelves and install a light.  You will be amazed how this simple procedure will give you the illusion of doubling your space.

4.  Mirrors

Mirrors add sparkle, grab and bounce light, and reflect objects from different angles.  They are excellent weapons for a small space. 

Designer tip:  Be careful what you are reflecting, you don't want to look into a mirror from the front door and see the dirty dishes stacked up in the sink. 

5.  Rugs

Instead of choosing a small rug, go for the largest one that your room can fit.  A larger one makes the room feel bigger.

What are your favorite tricks? 

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