Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dorm Rooms On A Budget

What goes around comes around, again!  The sixties and the retro look are really IN right now.  Does being on a budget mean you can't access beauty?  Of course not.  You just have to be a little more creative.  Add some clever ideas that will get your friends talking about how chic your are!  Let's take it from Drab to Fab!

Some of the best budget design ideas I've come across happen in college.  That's the time when ideas are big and budgets are SMALL.  Talking with some friends, we were reminiscing upon our days of personalizing our college dorms and apartments.  I'm not sure why kids thought that plastering posters of their idols was the only option.  Today, dorms, rented rooms, and apartments can become full force statements of design even with spare change. Here are a few ways to inject design, color, and most of all, fun into your space.

Have A Seat

Swap out college issued desk chair for something with style.  You can buy something fresh and fun that adds a ton of personality into your room or you can buy or find a vintage piece that drips with character and stories.We found this mid-century style chair.  Isn't it cool!?  Just the right WOW!  It would look fabulous paired with a simple desk. 

If you opting to paint furniture, be bold!  Consider using your school colors in this way. 

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