Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Girl's Bedroom Design

These days, children are becoming more design savvy at a younger age.  During the years from early to middle childhood, your daughter will begin to outgrow her toddler decor and she will be ready to define her own personal style.  While you should encourage her to help with design decisions, be sure to provide careful guidance and make sure she understands that compromise may be required.  Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that will work well into her teen years with few changes to the design.

Pink and purple tend to be very popular colors among young girls.  Since favorite colors can change, it may be a good idea to paint just one accent wall instead of the entire room.  Then, bedding and accessories can be easily switched out.   

If your daughter is somewhat theatrical, then she will love a room filled with drama.  Above, built in cabinets, and swagging drapes create a dramatic setting while the library styled ladder lifts the little actor to an area for dreaming of her next act.  

Some girls, usually the tweens, prefer a no-frills, casual feel for their room.  For this look, keep window treatments simple and keep the wall colors fairly neutral.  Allow your daughter to select her bedding, which can then become inspiration for accent colors.

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