Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pics - Measure Twice - Cut Once

Can you see it, you must!  The steam coming from my ears must be seen from miles around.  Today at DDI  Boot Camp we concentrated on numbers for eight hours!  Better yet, we even were sent back to our hotel rooms with homework .  . . can you tell I'm taking a lil' break (and a glass of wine). 

Yesterday I promised I would share a couple of pictures from our adventures.  Please keep in mind I do not have my big daddy camera with me, it's my simple point and shoot so please excuse the quality. 

Here is the sign you see when you drive up to Decorating Den Interiors corporate offices. 

Does that lettering look familiar?  Yes, the same thing is ALL OVER my car. 

This is David, he is the Director in our Merchandising Department.  He has a huge job over seeing nearly 100 suppliers.  

This is CJ our computer wiz who helps us set-up our web pages, etc.  This picture was shot inside of our classroom, my home away from home for the next two weeks. 

Melanie, our teacher, a very special lady with LOTS of patience.

Measure twice, cut once!  A few of my classmates learning the tricks to getting a quick measure. 

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