Thursday, October 20, 2011

Disney Magic Cruise - Part 2

Here is a continuation from my post yesterday about our trip last week aboard Disney's Magic Cruise Ship

The general lobby (above) is where you first enter the ship.  When you enter for the first time your family name is announced and you are welcomed into the ship by a line of Disney cast members.  Embarrassing but nice.  

Here (above) is the Animation Dining Room.  This is a PERFECT example of what the perfect lighting can do for ANY room.  The simple decor of this room is ALL black and white, with the lighting and the pictures changing throughout your meal.  With each change comes a different feeling.  So much can be done with the correct lighting plan, everyone needs to give this serious thought when remodeling a room. 

Now for the spa . . . a place where I had the pleasure of having a couple of appointments.  Although the general reception areas of this hideaway were pleasant the locker rooms and treatment rooms left a lot to be desired.  I was excited to hear they will be making some designing changes in 2012.

Here (above) is the inside of the ladies locker room.  I'm willing to bet that I was the only guest aboard the ship taking pictures of this tropical shocker.   The lockers were pink, the flooring didn't match/flow with any of the other three flooring choices and there were three different types/sizes of tile used that were all some form of pink and/or orange.  Am I painting the picture correctly, this room is screaming for a makeover. 

This is the "resting" area (above) where you are to relax while waiting for your appointment.  Once again we have that wild tropical material, the orange colored tile, the Miami Vice lighting, and did I mention that the bamboo on the base of the chaises was falling off?  As a I laid on one of the chaises, waiting for my treatment, I closed my eyes and dreamed of what Disney Magic I could do in this room if I had been given the chance.

Would we do this cruise again ..... yes and no.  Let me explain.  The first two nights of the cruise we had HORRIBLE WEATHER.  All of the staff said they had not seen anything like it in years.  When leaving Florida there was a tropical storm and it was pouring, by the time we made it out to sea that night we had 18 foot swells!  So many were sick including myself who has never had motion sickness. By day two the bad weather was something of the past and we were able to enjoy the sun and ports. 

Now for the question we keep getting, "How was it to be aboard a Disney cruise with no children?".  It really was not bad, there were plenty of areas for adults only and we were seated for all of our meals with three other couples with no children.  Also, at Disney's private island Castaway Cay, there was also an adult only beach far from the family areas.  As for the general areas of the ship, there were TONS of children, we had thought when we booked there would be less because school was in session  . . . wrong.  As for cruising Disney again, my husband and I agreed that it would only be if we went with our children and grandchildren and then it would be a blast!

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