Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Disney Magic Cruise Ship - Part 1

Last week my husband and I took a one week Disney cruise on the Disney Magic Ship.  Some dear friends of ours, also traveling with no children, recently took a Disney cruise and were impressed with the always outstanding level of service and accommodations.  That was all we needed to seal the deal and make our reservations.  By the way, if you want to look out some outstanding pictures of their cruise head on over to  Erin is a professional photographer and took some outstanding shots.  As for me, I had my little point and shoot but was always on the look out for design tips I could share with all of you. 

In the next couple of posts I'll share some unique things that caught my eye aboard the ship.  You should also know that according to the spa staff that this ship is being pulled into dry dock in 2013 for some updates.  Although we always saw staff scrubbing and cleaning the ship, I would probably agree that it's time for a face lift. 

This (above) was one of two beautiful staircases in the main lobby of the ship.  Take a close look at the metal work and you will see several Disney characters.  I could see this translated into an estate using the owners initials or family crest.

These portal windows (above) were a facade of what started out as large picture windows, they completed surrounded the Parrot Cay Dining Room.  Notice the double layering of treatments, one being the vertical blinds and second the roman shades.  With so many windows this dining room can get warm, with this double treatment the heat factor would be kept to a minimum.

This was the balcony (above) off of our stateroom.  Although small it allowed for two chairs and a small table.  A great place for a cup of morning coffee, a glass of wine in the evening, or like us to watch a thunder and lightening show the second night of our trip.  

This was our stateroom (above) looking in from the balcony.  We enjoyed lots of storage, two sinks, a desk area, a flat screen TV, a pull out couch, and even a safe.  There was great use of space. 

Again this is the inside of our stateroom (above), there were Mickey ears on everything; the lamps, the shears, the drapery, etc.  From a design stand point I thought the one thing that failed in this room was the artwork. There were three different prints in the room and none of them related to one another...something small, just noticeable.  (Sorry, only got the picture of the one above the bed.)

This is Palo's (above), the restaurant aboard the ship where my husband and I had our anniversary celebration dinner.  For a small up charge you can dine in this restaurant with prior reservations.   The decor had an intimate feel which was made even moodier with the great lighting.  I was impressed with the material that was used on the roman shades.  I reached up and touched them during dinner (does anyone else do this type of thing or am I alone?) and was surprised that they were made of a screen material and not fabric.  That gives me some great ideas for some beach houses here in San Diego and Orange Counties. 

My only suggestion about this restaurant would be to make early reservations so that you can enjoy the sunset.  We had later reservations and looked out into a black ocean, good thing the room was so beautiful.   

Tomorrow I will bring you a few more pics of the ship. 


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