Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Home for Fall

You don't have to spend the big bucks to decorate for every new season.  There are many ways to pinch pennies and still achieve great seasonal decor.  The trick is using objects at your disposal, then supplement with a few inexpensive items throughout the house.  So before you head into shops with your wallet quivering in your purse, check out these ideas for budget-friendly fall decorating ideas.  Think of it as extra cash saved for the upcoming holiday season.

Head out to the garden and pick up some beautifully colored leaves, then tie them with some twine onto several candles (remember odd numbers work best) and place in the middle of your table on a plank of reclaimed wood .... to da a beautiful table arrangement.   By the way I have found the best place to get inexpensive pillar candles is at Ikea, they are your best friend if you are on a budget. 

Leaves, feathers and mini pumpkins can be turned into beautiful wreaths, placed on mantles, set in bowls, you name it.  

Natural leaves will dry and curl after a few days, for longer displays press leaves under a heavy book to dry them flat, or use faux leaves from your local craft store.

Bring in some fresh flowers from your garden, carve out the middle of a pumpkin and place a glass vase in the middle to keep your flowers nice and fresh. 
Nothing says welcome like a wreath at the front door, why not personalize it and use your family initial covered in in fall leaves. 

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