Saturday, December 3, 2011

Powder Rooms That Really Perform

The holiday season is in full swing.  That means hosting parties and accommodating guests to make them feel comfortable.  Your powder room may seem like a rarely used little jewel box the rest of the year, but when the guests start pouring through the door it has important functions to perform!  Believe it or not, a poorly thought-out powder room can actually be a source of stress for your guests, who need to be able to freshen up comfortably with everything they need readily at hand.  Check out these great examples and tips on how to design the perfect powder room to pamper your guests.

Powder rooms are a great room for dramatic looks, and they can look so pretty with soft lighting and candles.  Put your lights on a dimmer switch, the guests can turn up the light as needed to make sure they haven't pulled the wrong shad of lipstick out of their purse.  The low level of lighting in a powder room looks so pretty glowing softly against the walls. 

Providing plenty of lighting and a good mirror are important.  This lovely wall sconce, with another one on the opposite side of the mirror, are well placed for providing great light. 

Provide your guests with a place for their purses and other hand held items.  Don't you hate going into a powder room and having to balance your purse on the edge of a pedestal sink while trying to rummage through it?  Then you pull out an item or two that you need to use and there is no place to set down those either?  I don't know about you, but I also don't care to put my purse on the floor. 

TIP - If you powder room already has a pedestal sink with no counter space, consider adding a couple of hooks on the wall for hanging of purses, jackets or sweaters. 


Keeping additional supplies close at hand makes it easy for you to quickly refresh the room.  Having extra storage room in the powder room can be tough, but but there are many slim vanities available that provide a surprising amount of storage. 

TIP - For a truly luxurious powder room, take a page from restrooms in high-end restaurants or clubs and provide any toiletries that would be helpful; hand sanitizer, lotion, air freshener, tissues, toothpicks, hair spray.  Put them in all in decorative containers.  Place them all on a beautiful to keep them corralled and tidy.  

The tray with color coordinated paper hand towels is attractive , convenient and sanitary.  Providing a coordinating box of facial tissue in a decorative cover is also a nice amenity.  Also, remember to put you hand soap in a decorative container,  it's so much more presentable than liquid soap dispensers. 

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