Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shop Til' Ya Drop

This weekend my husband and I are hitting the shopping arena to make 90% of our purchases .... yikes.  The good news is that the house is decorated, the Christmas cards and in the mail and my baking supplies are lined up for a wild week of baking next week.  With six kids, one grandson and another precious baby on the way in March we will busy this weekend.  Here are few holiday decorating pictures to possibly add a few new ideas to your holiday season.

By now you all know how big I am on personalizing everything.  Here is another great example of going it for the holidays.  Just do a quick search on Etsy and you will find something that speaks to your creative side, AND it's not to late to get one shipped to you before the big man with the white beard shows up to surprise you. 

Love this very simple idea of a potted evergreen surrounded by chestnuts. I could imagine this on a buffett, at a front door (on a larger scale) or even an office desk. 

How do you display your holiday cards.   For years I used to keep them in a small wooden sled sitting in my entry way, then a couple of years ago I started displaying them on a beautiful ribbon like the picture on the upper left.  I enjoy walking by this display and thinking about each of the families as I see their card. 

I'm always up for unique ideas!  Here several bright red place mats have been tied together using grommets and thin white satin ribbon. Perfect wide to add color to your Christmas table or entry way foyer.

When stressed for time remember to gather large amounts of one item and display together.  The color will be much more effective and will usually be easier on your pocketbook. 

This picture just says home to me.  There is nothing like using a bright candy apple red to decorate your home or office for Christmas. 

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