Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's Get Symmetrical

Tracing itself back to the Renaissance and the invention of perspective drawing, bilateral symmetry was popularized.  The following photos have strong symmetrical compositions, be they designed or found.  As designers we all tend to have our "styles", although when hired by a client we mold to their likes and desire, but truth being told, I am a very symmetrical designer.  I like to see things evenly distributed, in a row, or evenly spaced.   

A symmetrical shower . . . now this looks like fun!   Love the natural light coming from the window.

Symmetrical sinks . . . must admit I would miss the storage under the sinks.   I would be more likely to use this style of a sink in a powder room/half bath. 

Symmetrical Beds . . . the desks at the end of each bed just add to the symmetrical admiration I have. 

Symmetrical Beds, Chairs, Pillows and Hampers . . .  and on, and on and on . . . makes my heart go skip a beat. 

Symmetrical Beds - what two little guys wouldn't be happy in this bedroom!?

Symmetrical Beds again . . . . this blue and green color story is fresh and clean.

Symmetrical Day Beds . . .  wouldn't this be perfect for a guest room or a bedroom for grandchildren when they visit?

Symmetrical Pictures and Lamps . . . . the black in this dining room grounds this warm gathering area. 

Symmetrical Ottomans and Lamps - what a welcoming entry.

Symmetrical Chairs, candles and statues . . . LOVE these chairs! 

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