Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunny Bright Yellow

Lemony yellows were all over the runways when spring fashion collections debuted - and since the interior design world is never far behind, look for these happy hues to start showing up in homes this year.  Their sunny nature is just the right antidote to turbulent times.  They can overpower a space when used too extensively, though, so a little goes a long way.  Here's a few ideas for adding a spritz of citrus to your surroundings.  

Gray and white are anchored with this bright yellow sofa which brings the sun shine in to a other wise natural room.   

These bargain towels and cheery roman shades match the yellow polka dots on the floor.  Complimented by the blue hues in this restroom, it just says happy! 

Don't forget the flower power!  A cluster of mums, lemons and mini pumpkins add depth to this dining room table. 

For me, the sunny yellow pillows and the ceramic bed side lamps are the high points of this space.  It would have been easy to leave accents to the royal blue, but carrying the yellow to these additional items adds a much needed punch of color. 

For a pop of lemon yellow, you can't do better than the source.  A bowl of brilliant fruit, set off by a stack of strategically chosen magazines and ceramic art pieces, provides an inexpensive dash of color in a neutral setting. 

These outdoor dining room chairs add a beautiful contrast to the natural tones of this natural setting.

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