Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Small Kitchen Necessities

Despite my wish for an expansive professional-grade kitchen one day, I make due with a small area which I "try" to keep organized.  I'm always looking for ways to maximize the area without feeling cluttered, and these are some of my current favorites - along with a few wish list items. 

We have a small island and this year I hope to hang a pot rack above it to accommodate our many pots and pots which seem to be breeding when the cabinet doors are closed :) Could you gain some room with some of your pots and pans suspended from a beautiful pot rack?   

A magnetic knife holder is awesome.  You could also use it to hang metal measuring cups and spoons, which makes it very handy for baking time.

This is one of my all time favorite ideas, a toe kick drawer to hide those items that we don't use everyday. 

With limited drawer space, and the need to have your kitchen towels and pot holders close by, this end of the counter towel rack frees up space and makes sense of other wise wasted space. 

An appliance garage, I will have something like this in my next kitchen.  Nothing makes a small kitchen look more cluttered, and SMALL, than when you have things/appliances sitting out in clear view. 

In a previous home we had kitchen storage space like this but it was above my pantry, and I LOVED it!  Baking sheets, muffin tins, and serving platters were easy to get to. 

When limited on space think white, it will trick your eye into thinking there is more space.  Here you will also notice the under counter lighting, bathing the bright subway tile with light.  The microwave has also been placed in the cabinetry and not sitting on the counter = more space.  One more nifty-spify thing, the fridge has been squished and elongated . . . you have to love the apartment/loft appliances. 

Can you see it, that small nook at the end of this warm galley kitchen?  Extra seating in what looks to be a small city apartment/condo. 

Nothing says you have to slack on GRAND when you space is limited.  Here Quartz in used on the counter tops and Carrera Marble tiles are used in a subway pattern on the ceiling height back splash.  Another great trick is to have a cutting board made the same size as your sink opening, this will give you more counter space when needed.

This makes my heart sing, I can't wait to get my trash can put out of sight.  If you have a kitchen where you must leave your trash can out in plain sight, take a look at this one from Crate and Barrel, we've had this for several years and have been very happy.

Don't let any little space get away from you, here is a very thin area used as a pantry.  

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