Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tricks for Updating the Bathroom

Now that's it's officially the new year, it's time to start freshening things up around the home.  Ask yourself this question:  how is the bathroom looking these days?  Do you feel as if it could use a little something extra, but not quite sure what's missing?  Whether your bathroom remodeling budget is big or small, there are solutions for all.  Read on for ideas to help you reinvent your bathroom this year.

Swap out your mirror.  Mirrors can make a big difference in any room, but they are particularly important in the bathroom, as they need to be highly functional yet also in line with the overall decor.  Make sure yours is large enough for everyday tasks like shaving and applying make-up, but also check to see if it fits appropriately in the space allotted and matches the bathroom's scheme.  If not, it may be time for something new. 

Add a rug.  NOTE - This is not the same as a bath mat.  Rugs in the bathroom feel a little unexpected, and because they're generally more colorful and textured than a typical bathmat, they add loads of personality and flair to the space.

Replace your hardware.  This can be an inexpensive change that can make all the difference.  Hardware options these days give you near-endless choices of styles and finishes.  Look for something that is distinctive while complementing your decor. 

Get the walls in on the act.  Bathroom wall treatments can define the style of your space.  Whether you want to make a statement with bold wallpaper or create a calming atmosphere with a neutral paint color, it's a change that will improve the entire room in an affordable way. 

Introduce color.  To jazz up a neutral room, add pops of color through accessories, furniture, towels - even bar soap. 

Assess your lighting.  We spend a lot of time pampering ourselves in the bathroom mirror, so your lighting should be top-notch.  Maximize as much natural light as possible, and be sure your vanity mirror(s) are flanked with lighting to reduce shadows. 

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