Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Door Knockers - A Little Jewelry for Your Entryway

Your home's first impression is made from the street.  Does your front door make the right statement for you?  One easy upgrade is the addition of a door knocker.  It's a little like an earring for your entry - a stylish detail that adds glamour and showcases your family personality.  Knockers were used in the past for saving tender knuckles from the "tap tap tapping, but these days are as much for fashion than function.  There are many options in finishes, shapes and styles to fit every door and personality.

Living and working in San Diego, this door knocker would be the perfect addition to many of my clients homes that are located near the beach.  

All six of our children have been informed in music in one way or another, one has even become a middle-school music teacher.  I can see this door knocker being added to any one of their homes.  

If you have a mission-style home and like a minimalist feel, this door knocker will work well. 

This door knocker made me smile, and wouldn't it make you smile if you had to raise that "nose" to let your hosts know you've arrived.  

Another reason to smile, a little piggy at the front door.  Perfect for someone who has "little" critters running around their property.  

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