Monday, February 20, 2012

Blue Crush - Tranquil Palettes Inspired by the Sea

From the radiant aquamarine tones of Caribbean waters to the deep indigo colors of the Pacific, coastal-inspired shades of blue are versatile, calming and elegant.  Consider creating a luxurious, serene space with a pale blue shade of fashioning a sharp and cool sanctuary by pairing bright turquoise with crisp white.  If you are afraid of going full-on blue, adding jolts of color using accessories will delicately infuse your home with an aquatic flair.  For a sea-inspired abode, read on - the ocean blues are ready to enchant you.

The beautiful aquamarine shad of the inside of these kitchen cabinets give this space a fun and versatile style. 

Blue accents and relaxing beach artwork join forces with the deep blue of the sky overhead to take center stage in this space - quite a feat considering the powerful design element of the clap board ceiling. 

This traditional sea-inspired room has a vivacious vibe, thanks to the bold area rug, the bold pattern of the chair and the nautical stripe on the pillows. 

Tranquil and warm, this area gets it's cool from the deep, ocean-inspired blues of the sofa and ottoman.  The sailing print on the wall and the deep mahogany floors exude warmth and elegance. 

Brilliant blues are warmed by natural light in this cheerful bathroom.  Bold blues can create a very relaxing mood, especially when white acts an an anchor. 

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