Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Put a Monogram on It

Some of you may be to young to remember Laverne and Shirley, but I always had a fascination with the way Laverne has a cursive "L" on everything she wore.  It began a love of monograms for me; they started on my carry-all cargo bags and have found their way to my favorite pillows, bedding and even my garage door.

There's something very royal about monogramming items around the home.  Here are some great opportunities to put your stamp in every room of the house. 

On your bedding.  This pillows lends itself to a elegant hotel feel thanks to their simple bedding and monogram. 

On the back of a dining chair.  When I spied this chair I immediately thought of Laverne.  Using an over sized monogram on the back of a dining chair is a bold move.  You could have one for each member of the family and each person's first initial on their own chair. 

Have these valances monogrammed is the ultimate in an elegant touch to any room.  A true feeling of being part of the royal family.

Maybe a monogram, maybe not.  Try just a simple design to add some personalization to any chair. 

On throw pillows.  What's better than one monogrammed throw pillow?  Maybe two monogrammed pillows :) 

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