Friday, February 10, 2012

Creative "Art" for Your Walls

Does the thought of a trip to the framing store fill you with dread?  I love the look of a professional framing job, but it's expensive and it takes a long time.  By the time they call me to pick it up, I can't even remember what the artwork looked like.  Here's a look at some creative, inexpensive ways to hang your art as well as some great alternatives to traditionally framed artwork. 

Spacing - Why not take some traditionally framed artwork and hang in an nontraditional way?  Here there is no spacing between each of the frames giving you a trendier look. 

Budget Fighting Idea - If you are on a budget pick up four frames from a big box store, take a few pictures in your town and print them all up in black and white and ta-da, you have one-of-a kind art work for your walls.

Not the Ordinary - Take some vintage clothes in the appropriate theme of the room and hang them in some inexpensive shadow boxes.  Here the old school bathing suits are perfect for this game room, but if you had a nursery you might want to think about framing a few outfits from the new mom and dads memory boxes.  You get the idea . . . go for it! 

Fabric - This is my favorite of mine, not only are these photos but they are photos printed on fabric and stretched over crafting bars. You could do the same thing with printed pieces of coordinating fabric.  If you are not good at selecting coordinating fabrics, stop by your local quilting store and they would be happy to help you put together a designer look. 

Thrift Shop Frames - Why not stop by your local thrift store and pick up a few coordinating frames, then stop by a hardware store and pick up a couple of cans of paint and you too could have this look for under $50.00.

Find your local architectural salvage yard and you will have found your new best friend :)  You will many unusual things, like this vintage neon sign, to hang on your walls. 

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