Thursday, February 9, 2012

Creative Kids Room

Nurseries, toddlers' rooms, and teenagers' rooms were all on the list of most researched interior decorating photos.  I was one of those searching when trying to to get my creative juices flowing.  Here are a few of my favorite, and very creative, children's rooms.  
I can imagine this nautical bedroom in a grandparents home, or a home that was blessed with four to six children at the same time .... yikes! 

It seems I would pulled towards a nautical look this past year when researching childrens' rooms.  My favorite part of this room is the round window inside of the bottom bunk.

Not only is this room creative but it also takes an often unused opportunity for storage underneath the bed. 

The bright colors are fun but the light fixture is my favorite!  I'm already trying to think of a place where I can add something like this in my own home.

Who do your children dream of being; a cowboy, a sailor or a beach bound surfer?

What a great use of space, and also a fun place for little people to play.

Our family is in love with all things "Mickey" so this room would be a hit for anyone of our grandchildren.

So often we forget about the ceiling in a child's room and that is the area where they most often find themselves staring.  This 3D decorative effect is fantastic for keeping an infant interested in his surroundings. 

A sports theme that doesn't go over the edge . . . this is it!  Make sure not to miss the creative valance on the windows.

Do you have an equestrian in the family?  Why not supplement their vision with this room that makes you feel like you are sitting right out in the field with your favorite horse.

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