Friday, February 3, 2012

Mix Up Your Throw Pillows

Don't fret, mastering a throw pillow is not rocket science.  While I've broken some of these masterful mixes down into some simplified design formulas, don't take them too seriously.  There are no hard and fast rules; it's really about switching things up until you find the right combination and arrangement.

Here are a range of throw pillow combinations and designs that run from "I can do that" to "don't try this at home without a decorator."  Remember that sometimes the combinations that cannot be explained or broken down in any way are the best ones around. 

I had to throw these two in the mix for their "fun" factor.  They certainly would be a conversation piece to have in any room.

Having a few pillows monogrammed would add that personal touch to a family room or bedroom. 

Flanged pillows are can be used in a traditional to modern setting.  These gradient colors are leaning towards the modern feeling.  If you using a larger flange on a pillow, especially bedroom shams, ask that they be slightly stuffed so that they do not fall flat.

This is one of those "don't attempt this at home", leave this pleated pillow design up to the professional designer and workrooms. 

Here is a pillow used for one of your furry friends bed.  This is a boxed design with contrasting banding and welt (small cord around pillow).  This is another one of those designs that is hard to manufacture at home, you will want to leave this up to the professionals. 

When looking at a striped fabric many people forget that the striped can be mitered to create this bulls eye design (upper middle pillow). 

Welting and cording is like adding jewelry to a pillow.  These elements can add so much to the design that I beg you not to overlook this option.  You could also add tassel trim, brushed fringe, flat braid, etc. 


This is one of my favorites, mixing fabric.  This is also left best to your designer as you will want to be careful when mixing color, size of pattern and fabric content. 

Above you will also notice that these pillows have been filled with a feather mixture which allows for that crease that has been created in the middle of several of the pillows.  If you want a stiffer pillow look select a polyester fill. 

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