Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Color Trend - Using Red in Your Kitchen

Red shows up on just about every 2012 Color Trend report.  Sherwin-Williams sees red burning brightly, from deep fuchsias to red-oranges.  Yolo Colorhouse and Behr see 2012's red as rustic and earthy, more evocative of clay than fire.  Benjamin Moore sees the spicy side of red for 2012. 

The old rules of red pairings are broadening as well.  It will punches the heck of of white or cream, but feel free to pair it with neutrals like maple and stainless, as well as colors that may have have occurred to you in the past, including those in red's color family, like pink and purple. 

Go as big or small with red as you fee comfortable in your space.  Here are some splashy and sensible style ways to do it.  

In most kitchens there is little to no wall space giving you a great opportunity to use a bold color, such as red, to make a large statement.  

Who says the chairs at the dining table have to match, certainly not me.  Why not take a mixture of  chairs and unite them by using the same color such as this red.  I'm truly in love with the hostess chairs at the head of the table, the mix of fabrics is brilliant! 

With Valentines Day just around the corner, why not concentrate on the using the color red to set the table?  I was never a fan of carnations until a couple of years ago when I discovered that they are beautiful used in tight bulky design such as this chair wreath and centerpiece. 

Did I say BOLD!  Yes, if you want to mix it up, why not wallpaper the ceiling.  I'm sure your guests would remember this kitchen. 

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