Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Todays Creative Fun

We are putting together the finishing touches on a job that will be going to the work room next week.  Here are a couple of pictures of the fabric me and my wonderful client Jamie have selected together. 

Above are a few of the fabrics that will be featured in the living room.  Jamie, my client, has a real true Tommy Bahama feel to her home with lots of palm trees, textured furniture and dark mahogoney wood tones.  The animal print will be going on dining room chairs, the stripped fabric will be going on window panels and cornice boxes while the floral type of fabric will be going on some pillows which will be finished off with some brushed fringe. 

Above, are a few of the fabrics that will be used in the master bedroom.  The dark brown faux velvet to the far left will be used on some euro shams and a neck roll pillow.  The bedding is ready made but in the same neutral tone of the other fabrics.  The palm material, along with the stripe will go on window treatsments, while the animal print will go on a small stool tucked in near the nightstand. 

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